When It’s Time for a Change of Course

Sometimes you just need to know when it’s time to change directions.


As I mentioned in my last post, I saw the same group of Doctors and Nurse Practitioners for some 6 years. During this time I would say I have seen a decline in my um, feminine health. In such a large practice, I felt like a number. When your doctor introduces themselves after seeing you as a patient for 6 years… it’s time for a change. By the way, you’re holding my rather thick chart in your hand!! Clearly not a new patient!

Anyway, I decided it was time to move on if I ever wanted a better existent Doctor/Patient relationship. This was the best decision! I did as anyone does and searched the internet for a new OBGYN. I’m not sure how we found things in the past. So I searched and read reviews like you do, and finally settled on my new doctor. Some things I knew I wanted: Small or private practice, a Man doctor, and fairly close since I expected an increase in visits.

You may wonder why a Man doctor was a prerequisite for me, after all most women feel somewhat uncomfortable with a man looking at things in that area. My biggest peeve with my former doctor was that they were all women and they didn’t take action on anything. It was always let’s give it some time, wait and see if things change and suuuuuper conservative on treating any kind of issues (even UTI’s!). Well, I can tell you that’s annoying and frustrating. When I visit a Doctor I obviously have a problem that needs a solution. I’m looking for a solution or at least a plan of action. Men take action. That may not be the most PC thing anyone ever said but in my opinion it’s true.

Anyway, luckily I found my man doctor with his own private practice. He has two local offices and it’s just the Doctor, a Nurse Practitioner and a couple nurses. Score! This checked all my boxes so I made my appointment and made my plan.


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