Who We Are

How do you start a first post? Well, anyway you want I suppose….

tumblr_lz3zrw2zbH1rn95k2o1_500We are the Browns! I’m Sara, the voice of Browns by Blending and my husband is Allan. We live in Houston, TX and we have 3 amazing children between us… S is 19 (Allan’s), N is 13 (Sara’s), and B is 10 (Allan’s). I have to mention my fur babies too! Millie and Moose definitely have my heart. Hi guys!


I started this blog to keep track of our journey to have our own baby together! Let’s just put it out there that we have had a struggle with making a baby of our own. After nearly 7 years of marriage, it hasn’t happened for us. Sometimes we I have been more focused on this fact than other times. Recently I have been lucky enough to quit working and become a stay at home mom. This has been such a blessing and now I’m able to focus my efforts on our goal of having a baby among other things.

So, here I will chronicle our fertility journey. Really there is no way of knowing if this journey will be short (let’s hope) or long, how much will it cost? also unknown.

I look forward to sharing this with you because these are the things I have wondered as I’ve struggled with this silently.


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