My First Visit with Dr. Max

Today I’m excited to share details about my first visit with my new OBGYN. First, my doctors name isn’t Dr. Max but it’s kinda close and it’s a lot easier to type than his real name so let’s go with it.

I saw Dr. Max on 4/17/17.. I’m including the date so I’ll have a timeline for myself if nothing else. I was looking forward to my visit, not because I love pap smears but because I was hopeful about fresh set of eyes and getting some advice that could help us. That said, it was time for my yearly stuff so I did that as well. After my Well Woman checks Dr. Max and I were about to talk for quite some time.

First, he took some history about me like how many babies I’ve had (1), have I experienced any other pregnancies (nope), and what were my concerns and goals. I shared with him that I suspected I may be struggling with PCOS. I have some of the symptoms like acne, unwanted facial hair growth (Good times…), heavy periods, irregularity, and obviously infertility. However, I did have a pelvic ultrasound last year and had no signs of cystic ovaries or uterine problems. He listened but concluded that he didn’t think I fit the typical PCOS diagnosis since I don’t have most of the more common symptoms such as weight gain, obesity and missed periods. My period is fairly regular as in- I’m having one- however, it may be +/-5-7 days off each month. Just never know. I agreed with Dr. Max.

Dr. Max’s advice this month:

Be sure that I am counting my cycle days and purchase a good Fertility Monitor and test strips. I’ve tried some strips in the past and tests but never could figure out when or if I was ovulating. Sadly, he did specifically say “Don’t buy the 100 pack from Amazon because they aren’t accurate”. This doctor knows who he’s dealing with already. Since my cycle length is longer than average, Dr. Max said that I wouldn’t need to begin testing for ovulation until day CD 12. Check.

He wants Allan to have his “sample” tested as well. He didn’t suspect that to be the problem we’re having but said we should get a baseline and rule out any challenges. Double Check.

Next they took plenty of blood so that he could test all the things. I requested that he check my blood sugar and hormone levels. He added several others including a full blood work up, thyroid levels and others that sounded like CHLU Panel, HBM43 levels and K12niner Test. Those last ones aren’t real tests but there were a lot. He said it would be about a week before he got back to me with any results. I do appreciate a timeline.

My last instructions from Dr. Max were to call If or When I receive a positive result on the Ovulation Prediction Kit. At that time they’d like to test the progesterone levels in my blood to see if I truly did ovulate. And if I don’t ever get a positive result I need to call him as well because we could have a whole other problem on our hands. He didn’t say that but it felt implied. Dr. Max told me that if I wasn’t ovulating the next step would be trying Clomid. Another thing for me to research. I have heard about women gaining 30 pounds while on Clomid which sounds frightening. Wish me luck as I try not to go down the Clomid rabbit hole.

Listen, all of this feels a little overwhelming because I don’t want to have to be this person… I don’t even know how to be this person.

ovpicIf I was this person, I’d already have 5 babies. Like what does all of this even mean?

Typically this is the point where I start slowly backing away. Not this time! That said, I knew I’d have to find something that takes the guess work out of testing and knowing when to do what. I need something that pretty much screams “PEE ON ME NOW!” I found a great fertility monitor which pretty much does just that. With this little gem I’ll be able to input my cycle information and it will tell me when to test. It’s a lot more than I want to spend but the fact that it’s really user friendly and pretty much idiot proof is worth a lot to me.

So that was my first visit with Dr. Max. I left feeling ecstatic and like I needed an OJ after my blood donation… I called Allan at work with all my good news. His end of the line was a lot like this- “Oh.” “Ok.” “Yeah.”  Talking-on-the-phone-GIF

I guess some things you just don’t want to talk about at work. I’m looking forward to this month and we’ll see how it goes! Hope to update you all soon.






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  1. Hi Sara! Thanks for reading my blog. I wanted to give you some encouragement… I truly hope this will not be a long journey for you! I would encourage you to give Clomid a try if the dr. recommends it… I was really scared of it at first and hesitant to try it, but I respond well to it (although not pregnant yet) and am glad I’m using it. Of course, if you really don’t want to, don’t do it! Just want to encourage you that from what I’ve read it’s well tolerated by many women. Anyway, I want to wish you the best and remind you that you’re not alone. You can do this!


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