30 Day Blog Challenge

Welcome to day #1 of my 30 Day Blog Challenge. As a new blogger, I’m having trouble getting into the ole groove with writing everyday. While I certainly want to write each day, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by wanting to share ALL THE THINGS at once. I figured that a 30 day challenge is a good way to 1. write everyday for 30 days and 2. share some things that I wouldn’t have shared.

Now for the condensed version: This is an icebreaker. A 30 day long icebreaker.

Away. we. go.

I’m Sara Brown. Wife, Mama, Step-Mama, Dog Mama, Sister, Daughter and voice of this here blog. While I have shared with you quite a bit so far about some subjects like fertility I haven’t gotten to share too much about me outside of that.

My hubby Allan and I live just outside of Houston, TX in suburb called League City, TX. We LOVE where we live. Really. We are sold out for League City Texas as are many of the people who live here. What’s not to love about fantastic weather, Texas sized everything and general good vibes everywhere you go. Our family had the pleasure of relocating to Texas from Tennessee over 6 years ago and we have not looked back. We certainly miss having ALL our family around but in general, we could not have found a more perfect place for Us if we had tried. 

Most of my day consists of taking care of my peeps and my pets. The newest Brown is Moose Brown, our Great Dane. He’s a 160 pound puppy and we all are his slaves. My first puppy love is Millie Brown. She a teeny 8 pounds of Maltipoo attitude. We are all pet lovers and those two are excellent entertainment!

Of our three kids, my guy Nolan is the only one at home with us full time. He’s a laid back guy who just turned 13 this weekend actually. I can tell you that having a teen in the house is a lot like walking in a land mine some days! How can saying ‘Good morning’ be so upsetting!? Overall he a mama’s boy and that’s just the way I like it. 

Last but certainly not least, my main squeeze Allan. I have the best husband- let me just say that. He’s always thinking of me and doing sweet things. Even if it’s just picking up a little “prize” for me at the Walmart. He is the best gift giver. Everyone in our family agrees on this. He really thinks about gifts and what could be useful to you and he nails it every time. It’s incredible. His go to phrase is “if it makes you happy…” and that’s an excellent quality in a husband! He absolutely grounds me, balances me and helps me to be the best version of myself. Man, I love him. 

So that’s a little bit about Me and my family. The Browns. If you’re still with me I hope you’ll come back tomorrow for Day 2: What’s in a Name. See you tomorrow! 


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