Day 2: What’s in a Name

Welcome to Day 2 of my 30 Day Blog Challenge! Just two days in and already feeling more clear about writing on the blog. Having a set topic is helping me edit myself. Some of the things that pop into my head just don’t fit with the topic so they get nixed and maybe that’ll be a whole other post. Small victories friends.

On to today’s topic: Where did the Blog name come from?

For several years- probably 5- I have been a faithful blog reader. The first blog I ever read was Pioneer Woman and I was in love. I sat and read into her archives for hours that first day. I remember logging off feeling like I made a new friend! I was hooked because it was so personal, like peeking into someone else life, sharing stories with a great girlfriend or trading recipes.

I like a blog that has the tone of a conversation. My hubby likes reading articles with plenty of facts that he can sink his teeth into and remember, things he can repeat if necessary. Me -not so much- I want to see whatcha been up to, how’s the kids? did your dog do something cute lately? Maybe you tried a new eye cream that I need to know about… and if you sprinkle in some facts or things I didn’t know before I started reading- well that’s just a bonus!

I debated for all those years if I should start a blog of my own always telling myself no, no, no. I told myself I didn’t have time, no one would care what I have to say, I probably wouldn’t say things right anyway. However, I had the name worked out in my mind from the first thought of blogging. Browns by Blending. It was right there in my back pocket just in case.

We are the Brown family. We are a blended family. We are the Browns by Blending. Blam. That’s where the name came from… so simple yet so complex. Ok not actually complex at all.

So just a little spoiler about this particular blog. I too will be writing in a conversational tone. I want us to be girlfriends! I want to share with you the cute things my dogs do and my new eye cream and my best recipes. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, I hope you’ll go ahead and hit that little Follow button so we can talk again tomorrow.

Come on back tomorrow for Day 3: Then and Now Celebrity Crushes

Yup we’re going there! See you tomorrow 🙂


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