Then and Now: Celebrity Crushes 

Ok so here’s something fun. Today I’m throwing it back and talking about my first celebrity crushes and my current celebrity crushes.

I distinctly remember my first celebrity crush. Back in “the day” aka the 90’s… we had a little something called fan clubs. If you had a celebrity crush you didn’t have 24/7 access to them via Twitter or Instagram you had to work for it. There was no clicking to “Like” something. There was definitely no way to keep up with your favorite celebrities lives on demand.  If you wanted to get a little closer to your favorite celeb you had to send in a self addressed envelope – possibly even pay American dollars- to become a member of their Fan Club. For all your efforts you would then receive a signed picture which you could display as you please in your room. Yup one picture. Simpler times friends.

That being said, I had one single interest as a 8,9,10 year old and his name was JTT. Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Here he is in all his 90’s glory.


He was THE cute guy at the time and pretty much me and every other girl my age were smitten with his half smile and literal boyish charm. I did in fact send in for a fan club membership and rightfully received my signed portrait. To my excitement it was personalized with my name as well. Score.

The next swoon worthy boy to come along wasn’t until some years later when Devon Sawa burst into the scene with his gap tooth smile. Be still my heart.


Let me tell you what else was different before the Internet- you didn’t know celebrities Real personalities. You only saw what they were on screen and maybe once in a while you’d see them in a quick interview. This could be good and bad. Since everything is out there for the world now it must be difficult to be a celebrity today. Everything you say and do is scrutinized.

So let me share a few of my favorite Celebs right now.

Emily Blunt


Ok so maybe this is a girl crush… I cannot put my finger on why I love Emily Blunt but I think she is fantastic in everything. She’s super versatile! She was a total bad ass in Live Die Repeat and I loved her in Looper. I just think she’s great not to mention she seems like a real person.

Joaquin Phoenix

Something about Joaquin Phoenix is interesting because he can go from handsome and dapper to a hot freaking mess. He doesn’t have traditional good looks but he pulls it off! I think he caught everyone eye in Signs and then sealed the deal for me in Walk the Line.

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt just seems like a delight to be around. He seems funny, down to earth and easy to talk to. Not to mention he’s married to Anna Farris who is probably my second girl crush. I didn’t care for Guardians of the Galaxy.. I know, crazy.. but I loved him since he was on Parks and Rec and then he was actually really good in Jurassic World.


So there it is! Day 2 of my 30 Day Blog Challenge. Let us all have a moment of silence for things of the past like Fan Clubs and Teen Beat Magazine..




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