Weekend Web Crawl


Weekends are for relaxing around our house. We love getting up early and hanging around on the couch a few hours on weekend morning. A cup of coffee in hand is a MUST. This morning I’m going to share a few of my favorites for your web viewing delight. These are not affiliate links just things that I love.

Recently my friend Stephanie had her baby girl Zoe. She is precious! Sadly they live in Tennessee so I haven’t gotten to see her in person yet. But a new mom deserves a little something special so I sent this beautiful box of goodies for her to enjoy.


I am in love with Elisabeth Ashlie everything. Much of her jewelry and gifts are hand crafted and personalized by hand as well. Her pieces are just beautiful.









My daily wardrobe has changed dramatically since I’ve been staying home. Here in South Texas, it’s been in the 80’s everyday since about March 1st. This means shorts most days. Shorts are a bit of a challenge for me because somehow the length of shorts in the marketplace has gone up and up and up for several years. You couldn’t pay me to wear a short with a 3 inch inseam into public at this point in my life. Every year I struggle to find shorts that have 4 or 5 inch inseam. Last year I pretty much bought out Target’s version of a chino short. These were good but they wore out quickly and I had to get rid of most of them this year.

I finally found the holy grail of jean short at Gap.

cn13242719I’ve probably worn these 3 times a week since I got them. I ordered another pair because I love them so much. They wash and wear beautifully, don’t need ironing and are the most comfortable shorts I’ve had in years. Highly recommend!

Last, I recently refreshed my office area. It was feeling dark and I wasn’t enjoying the area at all. It doesn’t help that our house has an open floor plan so the office is pretty much part of the great room. AKA you can’t get away from it. I put together a Gallery Wall with lightened up frames and minimized (de-junked) the whole work area. This made all the difference! I wish I had a before picture but I’ll share the after. I got my inspiration from Franziska here. And here’s my finished project.


Hope you all have an excellent Sunday! See you tomorrow.









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