Monday Minutes

Good morning friends! Today is day number 5 in my 30 Day Blog Challenge. I had planned to share a weekend recap of sorts but I’ll be honest, our weekend was slow.

My poor husband woke up Saturday morning to find that his back was 100% OUT. Typically he’s pretty stoic but this I could tell was different. He was writhing in pain and I totally get it. Usually I am the one with back issues because I’ve got 3 bad disks in my lower back that like to get crazy a few times a year. So when I saw (and heard) him getting up Saturday morning, I knew we were in for some recuperation over the weekend. And that we did.. It was a lot of watching movies, eating snacks on the couch and general resting for my people.

Today A is still moving slowly but back to work and I’m back to real life too. I’ve got a slew of errands to run, meals to plan, groceries to get and general Monday-type stuff to accomplish. Oh and I might sneak in a haircut. Exciting stuff folks!

I’ll leave you with a preview of tomorrow’s post Day 6: Live the Great Dane Life. It’s all about Moose Brown!




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