What’s in my Amazon Cart?

Ok y’all full disclosure we are 100% sold out for Amazon Prime. We use it like our personal assistant. I mean who doesn’t love that you can get pretty much anything on earth in 2 days. We take full advantage.

That said, I have a cart that’s always full of things in waiting. Right now I have 22 items in my “Saved for Later” so that I can watch the price or just as reminders of things in the back of my mind. So I thought I’d share some of those with you because, why not.

Air Plants

Untitled picture

These little air plants have been in my cart since I was thinking of creating my gallery wall. I have two little ceramic plant holders as part of my gallery wall that are still empty at this time. I haven’t committed to buying these from Amazon because I always tell myself I’ll run into Lowes or Home Depot and look for some. #nothappening Also, I only need two little plants and this set has 10. The set on Amazon gets excellent reviews and people say they arrive in great condition so I should probably just pull the trigger and get them.

Michael Kors Rhea Zip Backpack


I absolutely love the look of this bag. And yes! I have bought plenty of bags (designer and other) from Amazon with no complaints. I always purchase from Amazon themselves or the designer retailer itself and not from no-name retailers. You can find some killer deals if you wait for the price to drop. Many times Amazon meets or is well below sale prices on the same day as other retailers sales. If I see that Zulily or Macy’s has a certain item on sale, I check Amazon as well because they almost always have the sale price. If I order from Amazon instead of another retailer, I get it in 2 days! No brainer!

Journaling Devotional: Pre Order


Here’s something else I am loving. Amazon lets you Subscribe to your favorite authors now. When the author has a new book coming out you can easily move it to your cart for Pre-Order and many times you get a better price too. This Journaling Devotional is by one of my favorite bloggers Sophie Hudson. Her blog is BooMama.net and she’s hilarious. Her books are funny and written with southern charm that I love. She’s just relatable and feels like a hug from home! I can’t wait for her next book.

Gain Flings


We use Amazon for most of our basics these days. I mean I can’t tell you the last time I purchased toilet paper in a store. It’s actually been years. My hubby loves the scent of this laundry detergent. I try to keep my basics in my cart so I can easily see if there’s a big drop in price. If there is I’ll go ahead and purchase even if I don’t need at the time because I know I’ll need it soon enough.


There’s usually a clip n save coupon for Amazon’s household items like this. Don’t forget to click the coupon before you move the product to your basket!

Ceramic Hanging Planter




Here’s a better picture of the planter. I love this! These cute ceramic pots sit flat against the wall when hung. This may be just the thing I need to keep the rest of my 10 pack of air plants, no? I’ve had this in my cart a while as well because sadly I just don’t think I have a spot in my house for it right now. Darn!





I would love to hear if you use Amazon for your day to day items too? Let me know your current Amazon loves!








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