30 Day Blog Challenge

Welcome to day #1 of my 30 Day Blog Challenge. As a new blogger, I'm having trouble getting into the ole groove with writing everyday. While I certainly want to write each day, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by wanting to share ALL THE THINGS at once. I figured that a 30 day challenge is a... Continue Reading →

Just the Beginning

Well today is the first day of our first Cycle. Day #1 of my period as well as our first documented Cycle with my new OBGYN. Honestly I have never wanted to get my period so badly in the last 6 years of my life. Sad but true.. Knowing that this was coming had me nervous,... Continue Reading →

Infertility Awareness Week: Blog Party! ❤️

Talk about it. Be supportive. Lend a listening ear. 

Whistle While You Wait


This week is (Inter)national Infertility Awareness Week.  We use this week to bring awareness to the problems facing so many men and women who are trying to conceive.  Did you know 1 in 8 couples experiences infertility?  Look around at your family and friends.  Chances are someone close to you will experience this very difficult cross.

How can we help each other?

Talk about it.  Be supportive.  Lend a listing ear.  Be a friend.

In honor of NIAW, I would like to throw my first ever blog party.  I am nervous, as I have never thrown a party like this, but I really think that this week is a time to stand together and support one another.  Instead of wallowing in our troubles, let’s make friends and inspire each other.  What better way to do that than a party?

NIAW Blog Party Rules:

  1. This party is open to everyone.  I…

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My First Visit with Dr. Max

Today I'm excited to share details about my first visit with my new OBGYN. First, my doctors name isn't Dr. Max but it's kinda close and it's a lot easier to type than his real name so let's go with it. I saw Dr. Max on 4/17/17.. I'm including the date so I'll have a timeline... Continue Reading →

First Steps

So let's talk about 1st steps... I admit that I needed a major nudge to take some first steps in this journey. For years (actual years!!) I have hemmed and hawed about getting some help with fertility. A combination of not having enough time and disinterested doctors left me unmotivated. I have always wanted to... Continue Reading →

Who We Are

How do you start a first post? Well, anyway you want I suppose.... We are the Browns! I'm Sara, the voice of Browns by Blending and my husband is Allan. We live in Houston, TX and we have 3 amazing children between us... S is 19 (Allan's), N is 13 (Sara's), and B is 10... Continue Reading →

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