What’s in my Amazon Cart?

Ok y'all full disclosure we are 100% sold out for Amazon Prime. We use it like our personal assistant. I mean who doesn't love that you can get pretty much anything on earth in 2 days. We take full advantage. That said, I have a cart that's always full of things in waiting. Right now... Continue Reading →

Live the Great Dane Life

Hello friends! Today we're on Day 6 of my 30 Day Challenge. I think the challenge is going well and I'm really looking forward to today's post. It's all about my BFF and favorite furry guy Moose Brown. Moose is our Great Dane and yes, he deserves his own introduction. This guy is Mr. Personality.... Continue Reading →

Monday Minutes

Good morning friends! Today is day number 5 in my 30 Day Blog Challenge. I had planned to share a weekend recap of sorts but I'll be honest, our weekend was slow. My poor husband woke up Saturday morning to find that his back was 100% OUT. Typically he's pretty stoic but this I could... Continue Reading →

Weekend Web Crawl

  Weekends are for relaxing around our house. We love getting up early and hanging around on the couch a few hours on weekend morning. A cup of coffee in hand is a MUST. This morning I'm going to share a few of my favorites for your web viewing delight. These are not affiliate links just things... Continue Reading →

Then and Now: Celebrity Crushes 

Ok so here's something fun. Today I'm throwing it back and talking about my first celebrity crushes and my current celebrity crushes. I distinctly remember my first celebrity crush. Back in "the day" aka the 90's... we had a little something called fan clubs. If you had a celebrity crush you didn't have 24/7 access... Continue Reading →

30 Day Blog Challenge

Welcome to day #1 of my 30 Day Blog Challenge. As a new blogger, I'm having trouble getting into the ole groove with writing everyday. While I certainly want to write each day, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by wanting to share ALL THE THINGS at once. I figured that a 30 day challenge is a... Continue Reading →

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