Day 8: Meme’s of the Moment

It's Day 8 of my 30 Day Blog Challenge and I must say, the days are just rolling right along! So far I think you've learned some pretty valuable information about me like why I  chose this blog name, what kind of shorts I'm wearing day to day, how I used to be in full on... Continue Reading →

Sometimes You Shred Your Bed(s)

Here’s a post from my first blog over at

When he was younger, Moose had an exciting run of shredding beds when he was left home alone. Thank goodness it didn’t last long!

Dane Mama Blog

It’s been a weekend of destruction around here. Moose recently decided that all dog beds are bad and must die.

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Live the Great Dane Life

Hello friends! Today we're on Day 6 of my 30 Day Challenge. I think the challenge is going well and I'm really looking forward to today's post. It's all about my BFF and favorite furry guy Moose Brown. Moose is our Great Dane and yes, he deserves his own introduction. This guy is Mr. Personality.... Continue Reading →

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